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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

恆例的鳥松積水 ?Regular? flood of Niaosong

梅雨積水 颱風也積水 颱風後更是非積水不可 都說是要整頓曹公圳 都說....每年 都說

縣政府(頂司) 接管 第六河川局(頂頂司)作的抽水站 交給鄉公所(下司) 再交給"管理人"(畚箕)

2007年的 八月十三日 又積水了

這次 有更好的理由 KMT擋預算
The plum rains result in flood, so is the typhoon, and soon after the post-typhoon's western currents. The 6th R.B of MOE set up the pumper station, then the county government accept, and transfer it to township of Niaosong, at last it is refer to lowest bureaucratic-manager with full unhappy abdomen for the pumper station is not convenient......
And, finally the flood is again coming. It is Niaosong....

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Niaosong's grandman with respectivity 鳥松耆老

陳松茂先生 與陳松林先生 是鳥松鄉的耆老 就等於是世居當地超過50年 那位 阿婆是松茂嬸婆 低著頭的是松茂叔公 綠色的是芭蕉 在城市少見

Mr. S.M. Chen and S.L.Chen are brother, they are grandman of respect of Niaosong Tsung. The female is Grandaunt S.M.Chen. In villageship, the grandman of respect is whom living there for more than 50 years, almost three generations. They are friends of grandpa

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

"咕 咕 咕"就是叫雞吃飯 "Gu-Gu-Gu" means " come to eat" for fowl

Only in the country side, the domestic fowl are to be seen. A Yu et A Ku are the first time to see so many cocks and hens, so are ducks( Fan-Ya 番鴨).The fowls are coming togther when we pronouncing "Gu-Gu-Gu"

只有在鄉下才可看到 公雞 母雞 鴨子....等家禽
A Yu 和 A Ku用"咕 咕 咕"叫牠們來吃"飯"了

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有F-104 星式戰鬥機 勝力女神飛彈 坦克車 拖砲


There are F-104(No. 4182) jet fighter, MIM 14(Nike Hercules), tank and gun carriage toghter at the Cementary park for soliders, near the baseball field.

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another Fitaya 火龍果花

Another Fitaya is blooming at August 03 2007. It is night blooming plant, like the epiphylum or night-bloom cereus,and only for one night, then fade next morning.
火龍果花 於夜間盛開 隔日清晨即謝矣 很像曇花之一現

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