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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

20080712鳥松福龍宮 安營式

2008年鳥松鄉 福龍宮安五營儀式 於7月12日舉行 按照往例 西營將軍鎮守 選在文前路3巷首 村長蔡黃景煌先生(面對鏡頭者) 忙上忙下 不亦樂乎 To set up the five heaven camps on the five aspects of Niaosong Fulong Gon is the regular festival and performed on July 12 2008. The site is same as usual as begining of 3 lane, Wenchien Road, Niaosong
安營之前 照例有道士的上奏 請神 ...諸儀式 Before the set up , the taoist is prayer for God to protect
the locals as good fortune, peaceful, no over rainning.....

三太子作為鑑證官 也在現場觀禮 The God of Prince is the inspector

西營將軍立營後的雄姿 The bamboo symbol is the new god of General who lead more than 6000 soliders here to guard the locals